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This was where somebody used to live

The process of creation is a destructive force and we have created too many ways of murdering a home.

1. drop a bomb (literally or as a metaphore)

2. clear cut a forest

3. change it, until you don’t fit in the picture anymore

4. sell the land (or let someone else steal it)





Then we make temporary decisions and live life like it should happen somewhere else and somewhat different.


We need to re-learn how to re-construct everything we think we know, and what we know will be different in every single situation. The only real abundance is scarcity and therefore we need to use what we already got. Even when it seems like there is nothing left, we should always look closer.


Can we create nothing and still do something? We are the hesitant but since we must create (?) we should create ideas and memories not products. We should sacralize the profane and make use of the useless Allow ourself to make things we don’t yet know how to utilize

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